Vincent’s day

Today marks the 7th day since Vincent came back from the hospitalisation.

Breakfast at 5.30am.

Heidi still refuses to at raw food. She only wants cooked food and she seems to like Vincent’s food. Tabs still eats Cubgrub.

Eating again, at 9.40am. Freshly steamed.

Heidi patiently waits for leftovers.

Subcut at 2.15pm.

Eating at 2.40pm, and drinking water. All to be celebrated because it’s a great blessing that Vincent is able to eat and drink.

Dinner at 6.30pm. Now, it’s chicken and fish.

Heidi going for leftovers.

A nap after dinner at his latest favourite spot in the house.

Today is a blessed day.

Tomorrow, Vincent will be going for this 3rd Darbepoetin and B12 injections. I do believe they are all working to combat his anaemia and thus, he feels good enough to be able to eat.

There’s much to be thankful for.

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