Vincent’s lunch onwards

In unison: We are waiting for lunch.

I had just returned from the supermarket with fresh sardines and found that Vincent had vomited again…sigh.  So, a thought occurred to me, what if the sardines are causing him to vomit?

So, I decided to give him canned food instead. Vincent has not eaten canned food for a long time, at least 3 weeks or so. He was unwilling to eat it, anyway.

But let’s try….

Vincent’s favourite: Cindy’s Tender Chicken – CHECKED! Yes, he is eating!

Monge’s Seafood with Chicken – CHECKED!


And did he vomit? According to our part-time cleaner much later, she said she found “watery” vomit (like bile) in front of one of the bedroom doors. There was no food in it, she said. Just “macam air”.

Vincent slept during subcut.

Meanwhile I had informed Vincent’s vet about the vomiting. She said it could be gastritis due to uremia. That is sad… Uremia is a symptom of worsening kidney failure (urine in the blood). That was what I was afraid of (reason no (7)).

I asked if Vincent can be given the antacid again and she said yes.

But I have not given it yet. Given Vincent ANY medication is a huge task, which could have dire consequences. I’m already phobic by now.

Never mind, let’s chill first.

4.30pm – Vincent asked for food.

I have him Monge’s Tuna, Chicken and Beef. He only ate a little bit.

He came back at 5.00pm to ask for food. I tried some kibble – he just ate a few pellets, but kept looking at me. I know, he wants his steamed fish again.

Ginger was being too much of a nuisance, so I had to put him into Bunny’s Room. Indy does not bully, so he will be okay.

Yes, he wanted his steamed sardines again.
This time, it’s just pure sardines, no Lite Salt.

I introduced this hide-out to Vincent and he loves it!

He can jump up all by himself.

By the way, that’s Jia-Wen & Sihui’s air-conditioner. Not ours! Vincent uses the box is a scratching post.

A perfect hide-out!

The soldier does not want any cloth or towel. He’s a soldier. But the taiji sabre is okay.

Vincent asked for food again at 8pm. I offered canned food – NO.

So, I quickly steamed some fresh sardines.

He didn’t want to freshly steamed ones. Instead, he wanted the batch from 5pm. He only licked a little.

Let’s see if his condition improves tomorrow.

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