Vincent’s morning and the food issue

Last night, Vincent ate at about 10pm. This would be after many rounds of vomiting in the day, which could mean that most of the food eaten for the day had been vomited out.

I still don’t know what caused the vomiting. Was it (1) the Semintra, (2) the Azodyl, (3) the aversion to being given any medicine, (4) eating too much or too fast, (5) eating raw liver, (6) eating any raw food (because he did eat a bit of Cubgrub and Coco&Joe’s too).

Six possible reasons (or more that I have not thought of) to rule out one by one? That’s an arduous task indeed! And there is also (7), which I hope will not happen: Vomiting is a symptom of the deterioration of kidney disease. When that happens, the cat will not be able to get any nutrition anymore.

So, I took no chances last night. I just gave him simply-steamed fish and chicken with NOTHING added to it, except for some Morton’s Lite Salt (which I had been adding anyway).

And of course, everyone had some too.

Heidi is really good. She too decided she cannot eat raw anymore, so she’s into cooked food like Vincent. She loves Vincent’s food, and will wait patiently (not hounding, just waiting) until Vincent finishes and walks away.

AND…she doesn’t go for the food until I say, “Ok, Heidi, it’s yours now.”

Tell me… that remarkable or what, especially for a cat, right?  We thought only dogs do that, right?

Heidi: Did I hear that right? You likened me to a dog??

Just you wait…

This morning, I found no vomit anywhere. Thank you, thank you! Vincent came to the kitchen and waited patiently while I steamed his chicken and fish. Now, I have apportioned every meal properly so it only takes a few minutes to get it steamed.

Here we go….I did NOT add anything to it. None at all.

But towards the end, I sprinkled a teeny weeny bit of probiotics. That’s all. That is all. I figured he would need it if he has some stomach upset and the probiotics might help with the urea too.

No Semintra, no Azodyl. No supplements too. Just plain old simply-steamed food. Don’t mess with the cat. He knows what he needs.

REAL food, right?

Oh, I did steam a tiny piece of liver with it just to get some of it into the soup, but I did not give him the cooked liver. Heidi ate that up.

I do know that raw food is supposed to be the best for cats, but I suppose cats know better, don’t they? Every cat is different.

For example, Heidi has stopped eating all forms of raw food. Even Primal, which she used to love. I’ll just to have to respect that. Heidi eats homecooked, steamed food and canned food.

The Cow Clan boys eat everything and anything.  Three cheers to the Cow Clan food guzzlers!

P.S. Vincent did come back into the kitchen twice to ask for more food, but I don’t dare give him anymore for now, until at least a few more hours. I do need him to be retain the food and not vomit everything out again. It’s hard to restrain myself from feeding him when he asks for food, but I don’t want to risk him vomiting all day again, if the reason for that it due to over-eating.

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