Just six little granules, Vincent…

Vincent vomited some liquid slightly after midnight. I was so exhausted yesterday, I slept “early” (earlier than usual, that is).

Vincent did come to wake me up before he vomited, though.

I could not really go back to sleep after that as I was thinking about somehow giving Vincent those 6 little granules of antacid, which might help with the gastritis, if indeed it is gastritis that is causing the vomiting.

Again, we suspect his kidney disease has deteriorated to cause uremia, which would give rise to vomiting.


So I got up and came downstairs to thaw last night’s steamed sardines (which he did not eat).

With Vincent, you won’t know what is he willing to eat. So, you just do your best guess and hope you strike gold.

Indeed, it is like striking gold if I can hit it right and get Vincent to eat.

I waited until he came to the kitchen on his own. Poor Heidi and Tabs got woken up early because I turned on the lights. Sorry, girls!

He didn’t want Monge’s Chicken, Omelette and White Bait (previous favourite), but he was willing to eat Cindy’s Tender Chicken. I quickly put the 6 granules into the food. But he avoided them.

Then, Ginger wanted the steamed sardines, so I gave that to Ginger. Vincent looked with interest, so I tried giving him some of that too, and mixed it with the 6 granules.

Please, please…just eat it up, Vincent. No, I did not say that aloud, of course.

This is a close-up, but really, they are so tiny.

Finally, I don’t know how many granules Vincent managed to eat up. The food was mixed already and my eyesight isn’t that good (unless I use a magnifying glass to check!).

I might try pounding the granules next.

All in, Vincent only ate a little bit. Now, back to his secret hide-away.

I dare you to cross my sabre!

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