There was no vomiting all of last night and I was so, so relieved. Vincent also looked better. I guess the vomiting could have been due to the raw liver that he gorged up two days ago. He loves raw liver, but it looks like he may have problems with it now. 

This morning, freshly steamed fish and chicken essence for Vincent!

But he didn’t want any this morning…. Oh dear….

Oh no, no, no…. What do you want, Vincent?

He didn’t look too well too. Not as well as last night.

Home-cooked?  No. Last night’s fish – also no.

Cindy’s Tender Chicken – yes. A bit.

I added a tiny bit of probiotics to it thinking it might help him vomiting problem, but Vincent almost walked away. So I quickly offered…anything (!) I could grab my hands on.


YES, he ate some!

If only Vincent would eat Cubgrub, all my worries will be over. I always have Cubgrub thawed and ready (as it’s Pole and Cleo’s staple food). Also, according to the holistic school, raw food would be the best for Vincent (or any cat and dog, for that matter). It is digestible and more easily absorbed. However, there is also the question of age. Heidi does not eat raw food anymore now.

A holistic vet also told me that some animals may have problems digesting raw food, especially when they have been eating non-raw foods for a long time. In fact, she mentioned that cooked food may be more easily digested than raw food. Hmm…the food debate continues. And as always, my stand would be at the sidelines where I whimper, “anything, as long as they eat and are reasonably healthy”.

A good example of this would be Bunny. He used to have a very sensitive stomach and would have a vomiting problem for long periods. And he could never take even a lick of raw food (not freshly raw, not even Primal). But now, he wallops Cubgrub, Coco&Joe’s and Primal. In fact, it’s his preferred food now. But then again, any food is Bunny’s “preferred food”.

Heidi waited for Vincent’s left-overs.

Tabs is getting choosy too.

Whatever the HouseCats (Vincent, Tabs, Heidi and Ginger) cannot finish…

…the Cow Clan food guzzlers will eat it up.

Oh, Bunny alone also can do the job.

Not forgetting, Mr Zurik, of course. Our trusty guard in the porch. He takes care of the street as a responsible CNRM-cat, keeps all other cats at bay except for his good friend, Buddy. Buddy lives down the road and still comes to visit.

Ginger is itching to sleep under a car, but we cannot allow that for now as we saw a few parked cars drive away at high speed.

I was hoping Vincent’s vomiting is over, but no, he vomited some kibble just now. I don’t think it was all the food that he had eaten this morning, though.  The kibble is probably from last night as he ate quite a bit of it last night. He even wanted Cindy Naturelle kibble (like everyone else).

After vomiting, he migrated upstairs. I’ve cleaned up the vomit (at his hide-away) and he’s back down now.

I hope the vomiting problem will not persist.  If only I can find the “best” food for him at this moment. But this would also have to depend on whether Vincent wants to eat it or not.

Let your cat decide. Respect your cat – the wise words of Dr Becker and Dr Pierson.

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