Vincent’s feasts

After breakfast this morning, Vincent had a long, long nap. I believe these long and restful naps are really good for him. It’s very nice seeing him being able to sleep in a recumbent position instead of the meatloaf pose.

Today, it was canned food all the way for Vincent.

I’m so, so glad there was no vomiting today. None.

Lunch at 12.40pm.

Lunch consisted of Monge’s Chicken, Omelette, White Bait.

Then Tabs asked for Cindy’s Tuna with Chicken.

Vincent wanted that too!

Subcut 250ml.

Dinner at 5.10pm. It’s Monge again.

A combination of both these flavours.

Vincent ate a lot too!

Tabs demands for what she wants. She’s supposed to be a Cubgrub cat, but now she wants Vincent’s food too.


Supper at 9.30pm with Monge’s Seafood with Chicken.

He wanted some kibble as well.

Looks like it is Monge “season” for now. I’m so, so thankful and glad that Vincent is enjoying his food again. He even mews at me to ask for more.

I’m just a teeny bit worried that he ate too much again. But he was so happy eating – it’s such a joy to witness it.

I ordered a bottle of Cubgrub’s 200g Duck as it used to be Vincent’s crazy-favourite at one time. Lin Li was so kind to make a bottle and give it to Vincent for free!¬† It’s Lin Li’s Christmas present for Vincent. Thank you so, so much for the thoughtfulness. Vincent looks forward to eating his Duck again this Friday!

Resting after four feasts today!

I am so thankful for today that Vincent was able to eat and enjoy his food. I am thankful that Vincent could rest well in between his meals and take long, long naps.

P.S. No medicines whatsoever for today. None at all. Maybe this is what Vincent wants.

Respect your cat – Dr Becker and Dr Pierson.

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