A parting gift from a long-time applicant, Ms Nujtiya Chareansouk

We first started helping Ms Nujtiya Chareansouk in February 2013 when she wrote in to enquire if we could help with our neutering aid for the dogs that her mum, Mdm Lim Tiang Seouk, looks after in Kangar, Perlis.

We assisted not only in neutering but also through our food donation. When our food donation ended, one of our readers continued supporting Mdm Lim with food donation for another year.

Nujtiya then went on to help the dogs in Johor, where she and her husband reside. We continued assisting with our neutering aid.

Recently, Nujtiya informed us that she was able to get help from another organisation and on her own, she provided photos of all the ten dogs whose neutering was sponsored by this other organisation.  She would also inform us about dogs whose neutering was sponsored by someone else. It is such full disclosure that we truly appreciate.

Occasionally, Nujtiya’s husband would donate to our fund too.

Five years down the road, now, Nujtiya is independent and is able to continue funding her own neutering and rescue work.

We received this pleasant surprise today – a RM500 donation from Nujtiya and a message.

Dr Chan, i got my bonus and i have transferred some money to AnimalCare 😊 not much, compared to the amount that u had given to me. But hopefully it helps a little. I am now independent and i won’t claim from you anymore even for stray dogs. I will continue my rescue and also neutering dogs / cats by my own 😊 i really wanted to say a big thank you to you for sponsoring and sharing my burden since 2014 if not wrong. Because of you, i have the courage to save so many dogs. Slowly now i know what is my direction. I will continue to save the strays and trying to reduce their population as much as i can. Thanks Dr Chan ❤ Wish you good health and happy always

Thank you so much, Nujtiya! We hope you will keep in touch and we wish you all the best in your rescue and caregiving work.  Good health to you, your husband and mother and all your furry ones!

This is Ms Nujtiya Chareansouk:

Friendships cultivated on trust, honesty, sincerity and goodwill are the “bonuses” of running AnimalCare!

Thank you, Nujtiya!

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  • Nujtiya

    I hope everyone would contribute a little so that AnimalCare will be able to sustain and keep on helping the needy for the neutering aid. I feel sad whenever I heard that AnimalCare is facing limited fund now. This is not easy for Dr Chan to do all these alone, we have to help her and each other. Those who are financially more stable, please donate or claim lesser. Please also give a chance to the new rescuer who are really need the fund to sterilize the dogs or cats.
    I don’t want to see AnimalCare “disappear” just because of lacking of fund, so I decided to withdraw. I believe I can still save the poor animals by my own without claiming from her. Wish you all the best Dr Chan! Thanks for allowing me and my mum to claim for so many years and really appreciate everything you have done, You are the best!

    “No one has ever become poor by giving.” – Anne Frank
    “Giving is better than receiving because giving starts the receiving process.” – Jim Rohn
    “Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.” – Jim Rohn