Neutering aid for 1 cat in Bernam Jaya (Siti Khaulah bt Abdul Razak’s)

We have provided an aid of RM60 for the neutering of this cat.

Ms Siti Khaulah is a new applicant.

Hello and good morning

I am Siti Khaulah Binti Abdul Razak. Around this time last year when me and my family just moved to our new home resident here in Citrina, Bernam Jaya Selangor, i have noticed that there were three kitten crying for help. One morning i found one of the kitten soaked in dirty water, almost dying inside the overflowing drain, I took the cat and its two sisters, saved them and gave them food.  I learned that our neighbor has fed the mother cat during its pregnancy but sadly they didn’t want anything to do with the kittens. Several times one of the kitten get into my dad’s car engine and the other two often fell into the drain again and again. I gave them food, clean them and help them as far as i could but because of my family is against me doing all this and they warned me not to bring the kitten inside the house, i have no choice but to let them stay outside. Sadly i had lost one of the kitten not long after that. The mother cat is also out of sight and i couldn’t find it anywhere near. There are many stray dogs always wandering here and there are several cases where our neighbor’s cats died because of dogs attack.

Previously i brought the two remaining cat ( 1 female and 1 male)  to the vet and gave them vaccine. i spayed the female cat using my own money and now she’s healthy. (This female cat never get pregnant before getting spayed). i didn’t request for neuter aid at that moment because i didn’t know that this animalCare neutering aid is available. Recently i brought the male cat to the vet and get him neutered. Because i am a full time student and barely have enough money to care for the two.. i am very hoping that i could get this neutering aid to ease my burden on their expenses (food, vet bill etc).

I also have two new kittens (two male kittens) that i saved from the street. They are doing great and healthy and i am waiting for their right age to get them neutered. I am planning to adopt these four cats that i have saved and care for their well being and take full responsibility on them.

Attached is the collage picture of before and after of the male cat that i had neutered recently. i already posted the completed form and receipt yesterday.

Siti Khaulah Binti Abdul Razak
Cat Name: Susu (Male)

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