The meeting of old friends – Vincent and Zurik

Vincent and Zurik’s friendship goes back to 2013. Vincent first came to our patio in January 2013 while Mr Zurik came a few months later.

Vincent came with Willy on the very same day, but Vincent managed to keep Willy out. From then on, Vincent became our soldier and patrol guard. So when Mr Zurik bulldozed his way into the patio a few months later, Vincent made it his life’s mission to drive Mr Zurik out.

But Mr Zurik is a KGB-trained cat, so Vincent’s mission lasted for years. The two were bitter-sweet rivals and finally, after many years, Vincent declared a truce and allowed Mr Zurik to stay. In other words, Mr Zurik’s persistence won. You just cannot beat one who is KGB-trained. Yes, he has survived the cold of Siberia, so what’s a few years in wonderful Malaysian weather (and with a constant supply of meals too). It was a piece of cake for Mr Zurik – just put on a thick skin, you know. You are sure to win the war.

From nemeses, the two became friends. No more fighting, Vincent said. We will both guard the porch.

And the rest is history.

Today, the two meet up again.

It was a supervised trip out for Vincent.

I know how much Vincent wants to go out of the gate, but no, that’s out of bounds for him.

Zurik let Vincent eat his kibble.

Indeed, it was a meeting of old friends.

You are a good lad, Mr Zurik.

Ordinarily, Vincent will not eat kibble, but this morning, Mr Zurik’s kibble must have tasted so good.

And outside water also tasted exceptionally good.

We will meet again, friend.

Ginger has been itching to go out, but we cannot let him. Mr Zurik might beat him up.

Maybe because Ginger doesn’t have a military background?

Vincent and Mr Zurik are both soldiers. Whatever it is, there is a bond even though you might be from opposite sides of the divide.

I’ll let Vincent visit more often, Mr Zurik.

(As long as you be good.)

Zurik: Я всегда хорош


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