A minor setback – Vincent vomited

Vincent vomited at about 12.50pm. I heard the sound, rushed out and saw a pile of vomit in Vincent’s hide-away.

It’s okay, Vincent. I quickly cleaned it up.

Sigh, from what I think, it could be due to the following reasons:

(1) Vincent ate too much or too fast this morning.
(2) The Semintra I sneaked into this food this morning. It’s been more than a mere coincidence now – it has happened too many times. But I gave Semintra yesterday, and there was no vomiting.
(3) He cannot eat raw food…? Maybe. I have been trying to find out whether cats digest raw food more easily compared with cooked food, but I haven’t been able to get an answer to this. Might anyone know?

Immediately after vomiting, Vincent came to the kitchen to ask for food again.

I figured it’s good that he still wants to eat despite the vomiting, so I gave him a little bit of food. I steamed some sardines and chicken for him, but he did not want any of that.

He just wanted Monge.

So, Ginger got the steamed sardine and chicken.

Vincent asked for food again at 2.30pm. Again, a small amount.

After about 50ml of subcut today, Vincent stood up and started gagging. He wanted to vomit. So I let him vomit while holding onto the needle. And I must be pretty adept at doing this as I managed to move Vincent with one hand (the other hand holding onto the needle) until I removed the minky cloth and put him back on the white towel underneath.

The needle remained intact.

He fidgeted as well, but I managed to do it until about 230ml. Actually, he not only fidgeted, but also walked about and turned around. I’m amazed the needle did not come off – I did hold on to it as best I could.

Then, he wanted to eat again. This time, he didn’t want Tuna Salmon anymore. Yes, I know – that taste is associated with the vomit, so that would be out of the menu for a few days. Luckily he was willing to eat Chicken, Omelette and White Bait.

Normally Vincent likes the flavours with broth. He likes it brothy so that he can suck up the liquid.

As long he is able to eat, right?

I hope he can retain this food. I’m thinking of stopping the Semintra as I think for some reason, as good as this medicine is reputed to be, maybe it just doesn’t agree with Vincent.

Maybe subcut is the way to go.

Tomorrow is Vincent’s last Darbepoetin injection (the set of four). I will discuss Vincent’s care protocol with the vet.

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