Vincent’s morning – a treat of Cubgrub’s Duck

Yesterday, dear Lin Li (of Cubgrub) brought over a bottle of Duck for Vincent. It is her Christmas present for Vincent. Thank you so, so much, Lin Li.

This is the 200g bottle.

I had to wait until this morning for it to be properly thawed before offering it to Vincent.

Wow!!  Bingo!!  He loved, loved, loved it!

Cubgrub’s Duck used to be Vincent’s favourite before he grew out of it and he didnt want to eat raw food for quite a long time.

He asked for more and more helping for this morning’s 4.30am breakfast.

Then, at 6.00am, Vincent came back to the kitchen and started mewing!

He wanted more!

Then, at 11.00am, he went back to Monge. I guess it’s good to keep it “interesting” with an element of surprise.

Thank you very much, Lin Li!

You gave Vincent (and me) a very happy moment – twice this morning!

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