Lucky meets his mini!

Here’s Lucky finally meeting his mini (the beautiful and meticulous handicraft by Ms Wong Pei Ling)!

Sihui, Brownie and Lucky.

We received a total of RM500 donation for these two minis!

Thank you so much, Pei Ling, Sihui, Brownie and Lucky!

3 comments to Lucky meets his mini!

  • Wine dogs TB EE TT LadyCC

    Wow. is is gorgeous and so special Can Ms Wong Pei Ling handmade based off just photos (as of my dog has already passed on)? I’m happy to pre order (take her time) for my 4 dogs and IN ADVANCE donate any requested amount into Myanimalcare fund?

    • chankahyein

      Yes! Pei Ling made these two from photos – all she needs is photos from various angles! I’ll get her permission to give her hp to you and we can get started!

      Pei Ling requested for a minimum of RM200 for each, as donation to our Fund.

  • Wine dogs TB EE TT LadyCC

    Thanks! Ill get in touch with her. Min rm200 per dog is not enough for such skill and handmade item. Happy to double the amount to RM400/dog….as it’s also so kind of her to contribute it to the Myanimalcare fund. Will keep you posted.