Never mind the numbers (Vincent’s story)

Well, the numbers didn’t look good today.

But never mind the numbers. Vincent is still able to eat.

For lunch, Vincent ate Cubgrub Duck. It was certainly worth every effort picking up the supply after we finished at the clinic this morning.

At about 4.30pm, he ate some Cubgrub followed by Monge. I wasn’t too keen in mixing different types of food, but he finished his Cubgrub and kept looking at me. He wanted Monge as well.

The vet said Vincent probably needs Kaminox but previously, Vincent hated its taste. Well, today, I managed to give him 1ml (his dosage is 1.5ml twice a day) with a syringe. He resisted but not too violently. Actually, I caught him by surprise, and that’s how I managed to give him the 1ml. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it tomorrow, though.

I also gave him some Complivit. Complivit is easier to administer because it’s a paste. He doesn’t mind it as much as liquid from a syringe. He simply hates that. Kaminox is a liquid.

Both products are from VetPlus.

I also gave him his Fortekor. All by surprise, though. Let’s see if it’s possible tomorrow.

Back to his sentry post on the box.

This evening, he wanted to go out to meet Zurik, so I let him, under supervision, of course. He ate Zurik’s kibble! It’s funny that he doesn’t eat any kibble in the kitchen (it’s the same Cindy Naturelle brand), but he happily eats with Mr Zurik outside in the porch.

Friends do matter, don’t they?

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