Vincent’s 4th PCV test (with the Darbepoetin)

Today is Vincent’s 4th Darbepoetin injection (the last from the series of four injections) plus the B12 injection.

As per the protocol, a blood test was done before that to check his PCV. Sadly, his PCV has dropped today, to 18%.

Before we started the series of Darbepoetin injections, it had dropped to 16% and Vincent no longer had any appetite. After we started the injections, it went up to 20% and then to 23% last week.

With kidney failure, the kidneys can no longer produce the hormones needed for the body to make red blood cells, hence, anaemia sets in which in turn gives rise to a decline in appetite, nausea and a general weakness.

We’re quite disappointed with today’s 18% result, as was the vet too. But the vet explained that sometimes the body can develop resistance to the hormone (and it fails to do its job). Darbepoetin is already supposedly better and “less resistant” compared with EPO (Erythropoietin).

Some information:

The vet suggested that we resume the Kaminox (iron supplement). We had actually started with that, but because Vincent put up such a fight with it, the vet said we had better stop giving that as the stress would do more harm than good for Vincent. Kaminox is supposed to be very palatable too, but Vincent hated it. Some cats are known to just lick it all by themselves.

Looks like I’ll have to try to give him the Kaminox again now. It might work in conjuction with the Darbepoetin and hopefully, achieve some results. If he really hates Kaminox so much, I might try the Complivit. Something is better than nothing.

As for Semintra, which again, is such a good medicine for CKD cats (supposedly more superior), it looks like it causes Vincent to vomit. So, the vet suggested that we go back to Fortekor. Previously, Vincent was more willing to eat Fortekor. He quite liked the taste too. But Fortekor wasn’t really doing the job too.

Sigh…I guess at this late stage in kidney failure, whatever medicine would be achieve any miraculous result. We are looking at “maintenance” or to be more truthful, more of delaying the deterioration, if at all that is possible.

Vincent did not gain any weight from last week. The vet prescribed antacid to be used if need be (vomiting).

He has decided to move into the downstairs bathroom now. The door is open all the time so he is free to come and go as he pleases. He chose the bathroom himself.

On the way home, we dropped in to pick up new bottles of Cubgrub Duck and a bottle of Rabbit. Hopefully, Vincent will eat these.




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