Vincent’s morning

Vincent’s came up to our bed this morning and slept on my pillow!

Of course, Ginger came up too, and because of that, Tabs exiled herself to outside the room and Heidi did not even come up.

Such is cat politics.

Breakfast at 4.30am – Monge’s Tuna Salmon. He loves it.

And he is so hungry too!

Slow down, Vincent, slow down.

It’s such a joy to watch him eat so heartily. But as much as I don’t like to, I have to control the amount he eats at every meal because we don’t want the vomiting to happen again. It really spoils so many hours when he vomits.

Tabs is very good – she waits her turn.

But because of Vincent’s meals, Tabs has indeed put on a lot of weight. This would have to be controlled too!

Vincent knows there’s Cubgrub Duck waiting for him. I gave him teaspoon by teaspoon. He loves, loves, loves it.

I was going to limit it to 2 teaspoons, but we ended up eating 4 teaspoons.

You can have more later, Vincent.

Don’t eat so much, okay?  You can eat small meals throughout the day.

Then, at 6.15am, Vincent came to the kitchen to ask for food again.

I was going to give him just one teaspoon of Duck.

By the way, don’t worry about Ginger, he had some dimsum.

Then, I went out to the patio and noticed some vomit (it was Monge). That must have been from Vincent…sigh. No wonder he is hungry again. So, how could I just give him one teaspoon, right?

He ended up having 4 teaspoons and finished the whole bottle.

I will have to get more bottles of Cubgrub Duck today. I think it’s the only thing he would eat now. Vincent’s appetite is “seasonal” as is expected of kidney patients.