Vincent’s day

Continuing from breakfast…

12.40pm – lunch time! He didn’t want any of the food so I had to quickly think of something different. What worked was Cindy’s Tender Chicken with wheatgrass powder, something he hadn’t eaten for a long time too.

This was followed by some Cubgrub Duck.

Ming-Yi dropped in at 2pm and we were able to give Vincent 2ml of Kaminox with just a wee bit of resistance. It helps a lot to have someone hold Vincent while I administer the syringe. I used two syringes of 1ml each. I find the 1ml syringe better because it’s much smaller and I can syringe a small amount each time.

Vincent is supposed to take 1.5ml twice a day. I’m thinking of doing it 1ml three times a day. 1ml is much easier to administer. I have to divide it into about 3-4 times for each 1ml syringe.

Subcut, 220ml.

Another snack at 4pm.

The pattern today is, it starts with canned food and finishes with Cubgrub’s Duck.

Vincent vomited some food out at about 7.00pm.

But he asked for food right after that.

Again at 8.30pm. I managed to give another 1ml of Kaminox! So that’s a total of 3ml for today! Kaminox is a supplement formulated specially for cats with kidney disease.

Food again at 10.00pm – Cindy’s Tender Chicken and Cubgrub Duck.

I guess smaller meals are “safer”. At least he gets to retain the food.

I must apologise that all the photos here are of Vincent eating (with Ginger watching!). The fact that Vincent is able to eat is already something to rejoice over. Also, by taking photos, I get to keep track of what time he eats and how much he has eaten in a day.  If not for the photos on my phone, honestly, I wouldn’t remember what he had eaten and what time it happened!

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