A day of change (Vincent’s stories)

Vincent seems to be tired of his old locations today.

This is an interesting location – you get some morning sun.

We had to wash this ottoman cushion because Ginger sprayed massively onto it. Now that it is nice and clean, Tabs has taken it as her new downstairs bed.

Vincent slept during subcut.

And decided he would remain the room after that.

Tabs waited outside.

Vincent did not come downstairs for dinner. I found him still upstairs. So I carried him downstairs to the kitchen. But he didn’t want to remain in the kitchen. Instead, he went out to the patio.

This is Tiger’s private sandpit. Nobody uses it now. But Vincent did today.

I gave Vincent a plate of Duck plus a slice of liver. He didn’t want any of it. Looks like he just wanted to go out.

And it wasn’t to meet up with Mr Zurik, Vincent wanted to go out of the front gate.

Oh no, no….no, you cannot, Vincent.

I know you think you want to explore the world again, but it’s not safe for you, Vincent.

He’s all set and determined to go out of the front gate, so I had to bring him back to safety.

He finally ate something – Monge’s Tuna Salmon.

Guess who ate up the duck and the liver? Indy! So, Indy eats duck as well. Well, at least now we have three of them who are willing to eat duck – Vincent, Bunny and Indy. The protein rotation is good for them.

Vincent wanted to eat at the patio, in the open air. A refreshing change indeed.

Conference with Mr Zurik.

Vincent: How have things been…out there? 

Ginger: I want to chase Buddy away. 

Mr Zurik: Все хорошо.

It’s really nice to see Vincent take an interest in other things again.