Good morning, Vincent (and Buddy!)

Breakfast was at about 6am this morning. We started with Cubgrub’s Duck, but Vincent wanted a mixture of foods today.

So, he ended up having a bit of Cubgrub Duck, Cubgrub Rabbit and Cindy’s Tender Chicken. I wasn’t sure if having three types of food was a good idea, especially for his sensitive stomach, but that was what Vincent wanted.

Also, before serving breakfast, I also force-fed the 5 little antacid granules, with the aid of the Complivit paste. Vincent fought it off, though, and managed to spit out one tiny granule (which I persuaded him to eat up). I think the antacid really helps, so there’s no choice. He still needs it today. If he doesn’t vomit anymore today, we can dispense with it tomorrow.

Vincent wanted to meet Mr Zurik, so I let him out with supervision.

As usual, Vincent ate some of Mr Zurik’s kibble and drank his water. It is so strange that he doesn’t eat any of this kibble in the kitchen, only with Mr Zurik. I was a bit worried, though – this would be adding kibble (which is a highly heat-processed food to the mixture of raw and canned). That would require different enzymes and digestive juices to process in the stomach – it might cause a tummy upset and vomiting again.

But Vincent was so happy…how can you not allow this moment if moments are all we have, right?

Then, after eating, Vincent wanted to go out of the gate. I know…he wants to.  But I cannot allow it. Once he leaves the gate, I may never be able to get him back unless he comes back on his own.

But I know, Vincent used to chill out at the playground every morning. So, instead, I carried him and we look out at the playground from the gate.

This scene brings back memories of the last 6 years where I would sometimes stand right here and call for Vincent in the early morning. Then, he will come running from the playground, back to the patio for breakfast.

Such sweet memories….

But I simply could not let Vincent roam freely.  So we came back.

I know what Ginger’s problem is. He doesn’t like Buddy. But Buddy is Mr Zurik’s friend, hence, there is this ongoing dissatisfaction between Mr Zurik and Ginger. This morning, Ginger was hissing at Mr Zurik and trying to barge his way out.

Ginger, really….? If you know what’s good for you, you’d let that go. You do not want to mess with Mr Zurik. He could take you down blindfolded and with one paw tied to his back, you know.

Here’s Buddy…. (I’m taking the photo from inside the house, hence, the mosquito netting.)

Mr Zurik always leaves some snack for him.

You see, Ginger wants to go out so badly to chase Buddy away.

You can’t really blame Ginger, right? He’s a CNRM-cat too. That’s his “job”. But Mr Zurik decided he’s in-charge and that Buddy is granted special privileges. As with humans too, there are exceptions to the rule, you know.

Ginger is not happy this morning.

Vincent is telling him to chill. Life is short, let go.

Let’s just live in the moment and eat, shall we?

So yes, another snack.

Cubgrub Duck for Vincent, it is.
I’m SO glad I located Lin Li’s place to get the Cubgrub that day. Now, I have 5 bottles of Duck and 1 bottle of Rabbit on standby.

Ginger: But I’m still not happy. Why does Buddy get to come in? And why can’t I chase him out? And why can’t I go out and sit under the car? It’s not fair. 

On a serious note, a wise human once said: “Some do not understand that we must die, But those who do realise this settle their quarrels.”

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