Vincent’s trip to the park

Vincent had another small meal at 7.45am – Cubgrub Duck.

And Primal Chicken Salmon. Primal is a freeze-dried raw food. It’s very convenient because you just have to add water to rehydrate it. Primal is also made from organic meats.

Mr Zurik was here again and Vincent wanted to go out.

This is called “courtesy-eating” to entertain a friend, typical Malaysian style.

Heidi wants to come out too, but she will get her taiji-trips later.

Vincent wanted so much to go to the park, so I relented.

Here we are….

He stayed close to me, made no attempt at all to wander, much less to escape. He just wanted to roll on the concrete surface of the basketball court.

And here we are, back home!

P.S. I managed to give him the whole 1.5ml of Kaminox this morning! Yay! If it’s 1.5ml, then we only need to do it twice a day.

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