Buddy’s yesterday’s story

Buddy came to ask for food yesterday evening. Cats CAN read minds, I’m sure of it, because I’ve just decided yesterday that Buddy shouldn’t have to sneak in to share Mr Zurik’s food. He should have a bowl of his own.

And Buddy read my mind…totally.

Here he is, in the evening. He normally only sneaks in in the morning. Never ever in the evening. But here he is.

Ginger doesn’t like Buddy. I’m not sure about Vincent.

This is my first close encounter with Buddy and of course he doesn’t trust me yet. So I had to leave the food and go back to the patio, close Stargate2 before he would approach the food.

At the same time, another young ginger cat was attempting to come in through the roof.

Guess who fought him off?


Yes, Cleo was SO fierce, she went onto the ledge and fought him off from there.  Just, from a distance. The ginger cat fled for his life.

This Cleo?

This pint-sized Cleo?

YES, the one and only.

Cow, Bunny and Indy did nothing.

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