The (sometimes) tricky ear notch

The response to our new policy of making ear-notching compulsory for all female cats (if claimed from us) was a positive one. So far, everyone has agreed to it and in fact, they have been ear-notching all this while too.

We also explained why we prefer the V-notch to the flat tip for the simple reason that the flat tip could be the result of fights whereas the V-notch is more likely to be a deliberate notching by the vet.

But let me show you some examples of the trickiness of ear-notching.

This is Vincent’s flat tip. The vet I sent him to preferred the flat tip at the time.

This is my friend’s rescued cat. This (female) cat came with the “notch” on the right (circled in yellow). My friend thought the cat was already spayed, but no, the cat was pregnant. After the cat was finally spayed, now there is a V-notch on the left ear (circled in red). The cat had not been previously spayed so that right “notch” must have been a result of a fight or accident. Maybe even a birth defect?

Mr Zurik’s very prominent V-notch (on his left ear) was made during his neutering procedure by our senior vet who believes in making a big-enough V-notch so that it’s visible enough.

This was Rosie’s V-notch, done by the same senior vet. Very prominent, even from afar. Rosie’s V-notch is our “advertisement”.

This was….Daffodil’s V-notch and the photo was taken the night after her spaying. It’s a very, very neat little V-notch which remained visible for all her life.

Daffodil’s vet told us that in Dubai, the V-notch is HUGE.

This is Cow’s V-notch.

But it wasn’t done by a vet!

Cow got it through a fight in the back alley AFTER he was neutered. He came home one night with a bloody ear and when I took him to the vet, the vet said if it didn’t heal after being on medication, that part of the ear would have to be amputated. Luckily it healed. So there….a permanent V-notch…from a fight!

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