Vincent’s morning

This morning’s started with Cubgrub’s Duck. Yes, duck is still in season and I’m glad.

Vincent’s hearty breakfast this morning consisted of Cubgrub’s Duck, Cubgrub’s Chicken, Monge’s Tuna Salmon and I sneaked in some probiotics (just a tiny bit).

I remember the advice of a holistic vet. She said if there’s only one supplement you should give your cats, she recommends Mercola’s Probiotics. Also, Vincent is supposed to take Azodyl, which is a probiotic. It’s to reduce the urea level. Mercola’s contains two of the three strands in Azodyl. Vincent hates Azodyl with a vengeance, so I thought next best, if I could give him some Mercola’s, hopefully it will help.

And I was thinking what could have made a difference in Cleo’s skin problem….the only
change I did in the last few months was to give them Mercola’s probiotics.  I’d sprinkle a generous amount into the Cow Clan’s food because they don’t mind it at all. They gobble up everything. Even Pole and Cleo don’t mind the probiotics in their Cubgrub.

Note: The above is just a sharing. Please consult your veterinarian before you give any supplement to your pets. I did.

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