What is Vincent’s stand on Buddy?

Vincent did not want to eat with everyone this morning. He went out to the patio to check on things first.

After everyone had eaten (kitchen group and the Cow Clan), Vincent came to call me. 

He was ready for breakfast now. Duty done.

Cubgrub Duck and Monge Chicken.

And kibble.

He didn’t finish his wetfood and went for the kibble. Finally, after I put everything into one plate, he almost finished everything!

Ginger and Heidi came for snacks too.

Tabs: Not me. I’m told I’m fat. So I’m not eating. I mean, I’m not eating snacks. 

After breakfast, duty calls….

Mr Zurik was here already, but he wasn’t quite hungry.

Buddy was mewing for food. So I gave him a bowl, but he’s still a bit shy.

I decided to take a risk and let Vincent out too.

Vincent went for Buddy’s bowl. Buddy moved away.

From the looks of it, Vincent doesn’t want Buddy around.

I put the bowl closer for Buddy. Vincent went for it as well.

Zurik wasn’t happy. Buddy is his friend and Vincent won’t accept Buddy.

You know how they say that you “should” only have a maximum of THREE cats if you don’t want to deal with cat politics? Well, here we are…there’s just the three of them and…?

Looks like three’s already a crowd.

No. 4 wants to come out too.

I brought Vincent back so that Buddy could eat.

There’s No. 5 as well – Tabs!!

Tabs: I’m just here to smell the roses. I’m not involved in politics. And I’m NOT eating anymore. I heard I’m fat…sobs. 

No. 7 is even smarter.
Heidi : I’ll be the sewing cat for today. 

A peaceful morning.

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