A true blue CNRMer – thank you so much, kind sir!

I had a great start to this morning!

There was a RM250 donation to our Fund, and it was banked in by one of our newest applicant.

I’m so lost for words right now….and I don’t know where to begin to tell his story.

He started helping dogs on 31st August this year. Yes, only this year. He’s absolutely new in this.

When he heard about our Fund through another long-time applicant (thanks to Facebook), he contacted me and asked if he is eligible to apply. On the very same day too, he sent real-time live videos of himself on his motorbike, going on his rounds to feed the dogs. The videos spoke volumes.

And best of all, he is one of the most polite applicants I’ve ever dealt with all these years.

He is not “highly educated” (in the commonly accepted definition of this term, or should I say, more correctly, “highly schooled”), speaks only Chinese with a smattering of English and is a blue collar worker.

So far, he has only applied 4 times, for a total of 10 dogs. He has done more than 10 dogs, of course, but decided to pay for some of them with his own salary since this was the time when we were informing everyone that we were running short of funds.

He tells me that he has more or less taken care of his colony now, which would be about right, because if a CNRMer were to take care of a small colony, that would be the number.

Throughout this time, he communicated with me through voicemail, discussing various issues, but mostly about how to take care of his dogs properly as he is new in this.

I was very impressed with his initiative in building shelters for his dogs in the colony, using discarded materials.

His compassion for the dogs is real, as evidenced by how interested he is in learning how best to care for them, safety-wise, food-wise, etc.

He wants to learn and is very willing to learn. He is humble, and even though not “highly schooled”, he comes up with the smartest of ideas and innovations based on the little bit of knowledge that I am able to share with him. I am VERY impressed.

At one time, I wanted to showcase his work with the photographs that he sent, but he didn’t want it to be misunderstood in that he is not doing this to raise funds for himself. So, I respected that and did not publish the photographs of his work.

I wanted to get friends to donate dogfood to him, but he said he will finance all the food by himself, with his own salary. He keeps telling me not to worry about food as he will take care of that by himself. He checks with me if the brand that he buys is good enough and when I told him it might be better to make homecooked food for his dogs, he did that. Now, he cooks for the dogs daily, after work.

Now that his colony is about done, he is educating others (especially the elderly feeders) about CNRM.

A few days ago, he asked if he could help this elderly person claim from us as the elderly has been feeding for years without knowing about neutering. The elderly is now willing to start getting his dogs neutered. I said, of course, but as per policy, the money will be banked into the elderly’s account.

He then proceeded to get a pet taxi whose fare he sponsored (they all only own a motorbike, so they need pet taxi services) to take a few of the elderly’s dogs to the vet for neutering. However, in that ride, he found out about another organisation that was willing to help this elderly get all the dogs neutered, so he informed me that he didn’t need to claim from us anymore. This other organisation will take care of all these dogs (note: this is not in Selangor).

This is just one of the many, many instances where he has demonstrated honesty to the hilt, something which we value tremendously.

And this morning, I was pleasantly surprised by the RM250 donation into our Fund. He has actually only received RM1000 from our Fund so far – indeed, such a tiny amount compared to what others have received. And here he is, a blue collar worker, donating RM250 back to us, in gratitude for whatever we had given him.

I am still lost for words here. I should write more as this short write-up does not do sufficient justice to him, but I cannot…I’m lost for words. It’s been too long since we have had the honour of meeting someone THIS honest.

I am deeply touched by this remarkable human being.

I salute you, kind sir. After the flak I’ve received from some of our demanding, self-serving and ungrateful applicants (I shall not tarnish this blogpost by talking about them), I thank you for showing me that good, sincere and HONEST humans still exist. Thank you for restoring my faith in goodness and humanity.




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