The 5th Darbepoetin jab (Vincent’s condition)

I didn’t know there was a 5th Darbepoetin jab, but today’s the 5th.

Vincent’s PCV blood test result showed a slight improvement, from last week’s 18% to 21% today. This is encouraging.

However, his creatinine level has shot up to 580 from the previous 238 and this is not good. The vet also felt his kidneys and they have shrunk further. Both sides too. The prognosis isn’t too good but the vet wasn’t totally surprised as this is, sadly, “expected” of chronic kidney failure.

The plan now is to reduce the Fortekor to 1/3 tablet instead of 1/2 as the Fortekor can also cause the creatinine level to go up.

Kaminox will continue at 1.4ml twice a day and the antacid (little granules) is to be given on alternate days (for the chronic gastric problem, which comes with kidney disease).

That is all the medication Vincent will be on.

The vet said it would be good if he can be given Azodyl but Vincent hates that capsule, so it’s the stress vs the good that it can do, which is a question nobody can answer. The vet agreed that maybe we should not force Vincent to eat the Azodyl since he hates it so much.

I’ve tried putting probiotics into Vincent’s food, though. I hope this helps too.  But looks like isn’t helping since the creatinine level today was very high.

But, Vincent is happy, eating well and active.

And his weight increased a little bit too, to 3.0kg.

At the vet’s.

Nowadays, Vincent takes a very long nap every morning. After breakfast, he sleeps until noon or 1pm, and gets up for lunch. He loves sleeping on this shelf in the patio.

I know the numbers don’t look good. The vet told me to watch his urination. If the kidneys shut down, it won’t be able to produce urine anymore. We don’t look forward to this happening, but that would be one thing that can happen, which is certainly not good.

But one day at a time now….


Vincent’s visit to the park (next story).

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