Vincent’s attempted escape at the park

Being a Sunday, I thought it would be safe to take Vincent to the park.

As before, he stayed by me.

He likes rubbing himself on the concrete.

I thought he would be all settled and happy just being at the playground, but luckily I did nothing but keep both eyes firmly on him.

Suddenly, he tried to make a dash. My goodness…it happened so fast, but I caught him.

Then, he wanted to struggle loose. But no, I held on tight. I didn’t even dare reach into my pockets to get the gate remote control. I just held him tight. I know if I release him, he will head for the drains and that would be a nightmare.

I managed to bring him home, safe and sound. The escape attempt, thankfully, failed. Phew…

Buddy came and started mewing for food.

Ginger has been VERY disturbed by Buddy’s presence (Ginger doesn’t like Buddy, but Buddy is Zurik’s friend. Hence, Zurik and Ginger have been at odds).

Ginger acted up this morning by demanding to go into Bunny’s Room and he pee-ed into one of the baskets. He has also been spraying around the house.

He’s clearly upset and very likely it’s due to Buddy’s increasing presence in the porch.

In fact, we let Ginger out today, and Buddy did not turn up until Ginger came back inside. Then, Buddy appeared.

Seeing how upset Ginger has been, we had to let him out. After all, Ginger is also a CNRM-cat and he has to do his job.

So, Ginger managed to get Buddy to go home, with a human’s assistance.

Buddy lives down the road. He is welcomed for the occasional snack, but maybe it’s better for everyone that Buddy doesn’t come so often.

Vincent witnessed it all and seems satisfied. Vincent doesn’t like Buddy much too.

It’s all about cats being naturally territorial.

Job done (by Ginger). Nap time.