Vincent, Buddy, Ginger and everyone

Vincent had a feast for breakfast today. He cannot seem to eat too much of a certain type of food and he wants variety.

We started with Cubgrub Duck, then Cubgrub Chicken, then Monge (three flavours) and kibble.

Vincent takes the longest to eat, and he also eats the most.

Tabs: They say I’m fat, so I’m on a diet. 

Indeed, Tabs only ate a little bit. “Little bit”, of course, is subjective.

This is how Vincent tells me he wants another type of food.

So, he had all these, plus two types of kibble (renal and Cindy’s).

Good things/food ought to be shared, right?

Tabs: They say I’m fat.

But finally…

The Cow Clan has to wait until everyone is done in the kitchen and nowadays, it takes a wee bit longer because Vincent takes a long time to eat – at least half an hour. By 20 minutes, Indy will knock down a steel bowl to tell me it’s already too long.

Indy: I’m patient…but not THAT patient.

The food guzzlers at the pantry.

The queen eats very little. For a queen, she is extremely low maintenance.
Pole, surprisingly, eats A LOT!

After the Cow Clan eats, it’s Zurik (and Buddy’s) turn.

The little ginger doesn’t come anymore. A few days ago, he was on the ledge, but a certain neighbour started throwing things at him (poor little cat). He ran along the ledge, frightened, and I have not seen him since.

So much for the holiday season….  Humans will be humans.

I hope he has a home.

Well, Buddy is sure hungry this morning. So hungry that he was mewing while eating. If you have fed hungry cats, you’d know what I mean – like mewing and “talking” while eating, as though saying, “Oh, food, food, food….thank you, thank you!”

Has Buddy been abandoned? I hope not.  Or maybe his family has gone on a holiday?

Truly, he was so hungry this morning. Definitely more hungry than Mr Zurik. By the way, Mr Zurik is never hungry. He only comes for snacks. I’ll bet there is a KGB safe house somewhere here (that nobody knows of) and he gets all his meals there.

I pulled Buddy’s dish closer and closer, so that Vincent will accept him as a friend.

Eating is a good way to foster goodwill, is it not?

After Zurik and Buddy had gone, Vincent was still eating.

But Vincent wanted to go out, so we went out to the park.

As we were crossing the road, he tried to struggle free. I know Vincent wants to go sit in the drain. But no, that’s not possible, Vincent. No sitting in the drains.

He didn’t wander nor try to escape at the park. Instead, we listened to the many sounds – the chirping of the birds, the barking of the neighbourhood dogs.

Soon, the garbage truck came, so it was time to go home.

Home, safe and sound.

Buddy was still in the porch and as I opened Stargate2 to tend to the plants, Ginger, as fast as lightning, escaped and went for Buddy. Tail fluffed up, Ginger postured and Buddy backed off. I quickly grabbed Ginger (did he seem much, much heavier and more solid?) and put him back.

Buddy stayed in the porch.

Ginger: We’re watching you, Buddy. 

Vincent: I think he is okay, Ginger, why don’t we let him stay?

Ginger: NO! Not on my watch!

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