Vincent’s tales

The story starts from yesterday….

Vincent wanted to eat out at the patio yesterday.

Tabs: No, I did not finish that jar of Christmas cookies. The humans did that. Not me.

Buddy is here every day now. He is no longer afraid of humans.

Vincent’s appetite has been good. I wonder if it’s because I managed to give him Azodyl now. Vincent’s medication protocol is now as follows:

Morning: 1/3 tablet Fortekor, 1 capsule Azodyl, 2.8ml Kaminox.
Evening: 1 capsule Azodyl, 2.8ml Kaminox.

Giving him the Azodyl is a struggle, but in the past two days, dipping it in Complivit has worked….so far.

As good as ever, for subcut. Now, he stops the subcut at 200ml by standing up. Maybe he knows it’s enough? I try to push it to 220ml.

I’m still hopeless at taking selfies.

Vincent weighed 3.0kg at the clinic on Sunday, but at home, using the difference of two readings, he weighed 3.3kg yesterday. I don’t think taking the difference of two readings would be wrong…?

Now, Vincent goes for a mixture of foods for every meal. He wants “everything”, from raw food, to canned and to kibble.

And when he wants something else, he will stop eating and look at me.

This is his current hit favourite – Monge’s Seafood with Chicken.

Duck season is over now. I only have 1 bottle left, so Bunny would have to finish it.

Tabs likes this flavour too.

This morning’s breakfast with Buddy. Vincent tried to make a dash for the front gate…

…I grabbed him in time.

Now it looks like “going out to spend time with Zurik” has been a “front” all this time. Vincent’s actual intention was to make a dash for the front gate and to sit in the drains.

No, no longkang time for you, Vincent.

A long, long morning nap, after two heavy breakfasts this morning.

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