Street cat feeders

These photos are shared by a friend who supports street feeders.

These street feeders whom she supports are from the lower-income group. They may have little schooling, but they certainly have a big heart.

Food is placed neatly in these dispensers.

And kind passers-by also give the cats a treat sometimes.

How lovely the world would be if humans accept the presence of animals and not only allow them to stay, but also look after them?  After all, humans always claim to be the superior being.

Well, IF that is true, then let that superiority prove itself then, in terms of superiority in compassion and in the understanding that this earth belongs to all of us.

Kindness is the greatest wisdom.

An update from my friend:

Good morning. Just saw your is a very inspiring and lovely write up. My wish is the kindness to street animals will spread far and wide.

A little backstory.the photos were taken by a formerly homeless young lady in her 29s whom lost her job & place to stay after coming to the city to work.just months ago..I ask for help to catch cats at the horrible food outlet. She was recommended by an organisation’s committee…now I hire her full time to comb the streets to do CNRM for those who can’t be adopted out. She’s extremely streetwise and smart and fearless to approach anyone telling on the street we can help neuter all their cats under their care..she got a place to stay now & move around on motorbike caring for street cats & send and pick cats from vets for treatment & nueter.. & do pet sitting when she can..I feel truly blessed that she’s helping me as I am aging and I can’t go around catching cats under cars anymore.. Thank you so much for the lovely write up..and may you be blessed always for all you do.🙏

We are now definitely moving towards prioritising those who CARE for street animals.  Not just those who neuter, but those who CARE.  Care encompasses all.  It is the beginning and the end.

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