Vincent’s day, Buddy’s visits and living in the present moment

This is Vincent’s new hideout.

Ginger managed to escape out of Stargate2 and confronted Buddy (his nemesis). Luckily all Ginger does is to posture and fluff up his tail. No physical contact of any kind (thank goodness for this). If Ginger gets hurt, I’ll have a hard time because he doesn’t heal easily from flesh wounds. Anyway, I quickly scooped Ginger back.

Zurik didn’t come to his buddy, Buddy’s defence, though. He just watched from a distance.

Zurik: Hey Buddy, you had better learn to fend for yourself, okay? I’m not here to create a culture of dependency. That’s not my way. “Sink or swim”, Buddy. And anyway, it’s ONLY Ginger. He’s “easy”. All said, you better hope those two fellas from inside-inside don’t come out. One is named Cow and the other is Bunny. Now, if you encounter those two – I only have one advice – RUN!!

But…ahem, I can take Cow down and I have. But you, Buddy? You RUN.  

The other chap, Bunny – now, that one is tricky. He’s blind, so….. I won’t fight with a blind cat, Buddy. I have integrity. 

Zurik is almost not hungry these days. I think he eats elsewhere and just comes for a snack. But Buddy…..oh my goodness, he is EXACTLY like Timmy. He talks a lot and he talks even when he is eating. He appears to be very hungry. I wonder if his family has gone off for the holidays. He ate FOUR helpings today.

Ginger: I’ll get you, Buddy. Just you wait…I will get you. 


Cleo: Move over, Bunny. That is MY spot. 

Vincent eats about 4-5 times daily nowadays. Luckily I have 7 different flavours of canned food for him. He needs variety. Currently, he starts with Cubgrub Chicken and follows with canned foods of various flavours.

Today, we drove to another clinic in PJ to get his Kaminox for him. Vincent has finished one bottle.

Vincent is all geared to escape out to the drains, so I have to be very careful with Stargate2.

Tabs: I’m a good girl, I am. I am happy at home.

This is Vincent’s other hideaway. The reason I have to leave these plants as it is (I know how straggly they are) is because Vincent loves hiding here.

Nowadays, he gets up when subcut fluids reach 180ml. I try and push it to 220ml.

Four more days to 2019…

Indy: WHY are you humans so obsessed with dates and stuff? Moments are all we have. You humans have to try so hard to “be in the present moment”, but look at us cats. That is exactly how we live. Watch..and learn.

Pole: I concur. 

Cleo: I am always living in the present moment. 

On a more serious note, I had the opportunity to speak with a very experienced and compassionate vet. He opined (and I agree) that animals do not have humans’ need to “continue existing”.  They live in the present moment and may not have a concept of “tomorrow”. So, while we worry so much about the future and about their future, maybe it is unnecessary, after all. Maybe animals are so much wiser than us. They KNOW that all they have is the present moment.

Indeed, that is all WE have too. But we humans still don’t know it.

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