22 brutal truths – so absolutely true!

Koo shared this: https://ideapod.com/22-brutal-truths-existence-no-one-wants-admit-will-make-better-person/

It’s just too good not to be shared, so for posterity purposes (some links are no longer there after a few years), I’m going to copy out some of them and number them according to the article, but please click on the link to read the whole article.

Some of them may be relevant to those in animal caring work.

(1) Nobody cares – your pain isn’t special, everyone experiences it too, it’s just part of being alive.

(3) Stay responsible – if you do something wrong or hurtful, it’s your fault. Own up to it.

(4) Death is final – Stop worrying about your death or being remembered after you are gone. When you’re gone, you’re gone. Live before you have to go.

(6) You cannot make everyone your friend – so, stop trying.

(7) Value comes from time, not money.

(8) Don’t actively search for happiness – This is it, right here – enjoy it.

(11) Money won’t go with you to the after life.

(16) Dreaming is for losers, start doing the work.

(19) Share knowledge and experience.

(20) Live TODAY.

(21) Perfection is impossible.



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