A brief look at 2018 and onwards to 2019

Dear Donors, Supporters and Well-Wishers,

Happy New Year!!
We thank you so much for your generosity, trust and support in making it possible for us to help street animals and their feeders in 2018. And come May 2019, it will be TEN years!!

But let’s take a look at 2018:

Neutering Fund

No of animals Amount (RM)
Jan-18 136 9,800.00
Feb-18 115 7,830.00
Mar-18 178 13,760.00
Apr-18 178 13,330.00
Jun-18 99 7,210.00
Jul-18 239 17,610.00
Aug-18 220 16,330.00
Sep-18 209 14,980.00
Oct-18 238 17,830.00
Nov-18 211 16,080.00
Dec-18  137  10,090.00
TOTAL 1960 144,850.00

Despite all our limitations and cut-downs, there is still a very small increase in numbers compared to last year.  Statistically insignificant, though, as it is only 0.9%.

Food Projects (all to Mun Mun Furkid Haven)

Amount (RM)
Feb-18 6,601.80
Mar-18 6,550.90
Apr-18 2,950.35
Jun-18 3,548.20
Jul-18 2,933.05
TOTAL 22,584.30

Double Charity Donation (contributed by private donors to the shelter/feeder of their choice)

Amount (RM)
Oct-18 3289.45
Nov-18 1246.55
Dec-18 6326.95
TOTAL 10,862.95

We hope to see more supporters and well-wishers donating petfood to shelters and especially to street feeders. We must remember that neutered street animals play a crucial role in controlling the population, thus the role of street feeders is of utmost importance. Also, we truly appreciate all that street feeders do despite the odds. It is very challenging because animal-lovers still constitute the minority and by-laws are not as animal-friendly as we hoped they would be. So, let us support street feeders as well as shelters where rescued or abandoned animals would have a roof over their heads and food to eat.

Our plans for 2019:

To further streamline the policies for our Neutering Fund

(a)   so as not to create a culture of dependency,

(b)   to serve as a starter fund for new small-time feeders/rescuers,

(c)   to help those who are honest, sincere, polite and truly deserving.

Assistance and aid will be given to those who share our principles of One-Street CNRM (Care-Neuter-Rehome-Return&Manage in a manageable colony). We do not have the resources to help bigtime TNR-ers!

Last but not least, we have to emphasise that the most important component in CNRM is C=Care.

Thank you, dear friends!

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