New Year’s morning!

Breakfast usually always starts off with some raw food – I let him eat as much as they can first before going to cooked foods (if need be). Today’s we started with Primal for the rest except Vincent (he still prefers Cubgrub).

Heidi has her off and on days for raw food. Sometimes, she cannot take it, sometimes she can.

After raw, Vincent will ask for canned food. Today, he had 3 flavours.

The Kitchen-Cats done, now it’s Zurik and Buddy’s turn.

Zurik and Buddy had wetfood today. Buddy eats ANYTHING – he is exactly like Timmy. But Zurik, believe it or not, is choosy. Yes, our Russian is choosy. He prefers kibble but I’m training him to eat some wetfood too.

The Cow Clan is the last to eat. They don’t mind, though. They get the best of everything!

Cleo is still the lowest maintenance cat.

Pole spent the morning with her favourite activity – tearing paper!!!

Happy New Year!!!

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