Vincent plays hide-and-seek…and wins!!

Happy New Year, everyone!!

Let’s start off 2019 with some good news – I weighed Vincent last night and he tipped the scales at 3.7kg. He was just 3.0kg two Sundays ago.

And he had been playing hide-and-seek with me since two days ago…and winning! And he doesn’t hide in one place – he moves!  Yes, as stealthily as….a cat!!

He is just SO good at hiding that a few times, I really panicked and thought he had somehow slipped out of the house!

Vincent eats about 4 times a day. He still needs variety so I make sure I have at least 7 flavours of canned food and a few options of raw food available.

When he is not playing hide-and-seek, he sits here to get some sun.

Then, he disappears and the game begins!

Where is Vincent, girls?

Tabs and Heidi: We don’t know!!

Yes, let the game begin!

Happy New Year!!

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