Heidi’s trip to the park and her egg-breakfasts

On most mornings, if we have time to go the park for taiji, Heidi follows.

Heidi loves going to the park.

Sometimes, she will run all over, even up and down the large tree trunks and show off her climbing skills!

Heidi used to be really active, but she has slowed down these days. Sometimes, she just sits on the bench and watch the world go by.

Below this table is Heidi’s stash of medicinal plants. It helps her with hairball. Very effectively, too.

She loves being in the park.

Heidi knows when we finish our taiji sequence and will follow us back. Sometimes she wants to linger on and will come back on her own after a few minutes.

One sure-fire way of getting her back immediately is to make a lot of noise with the egg pot and she will come running back. Heidi loves half-boiled egg yolk and will have breakfast with us.

Heidi waiting patiently for her half-boiled egg post-breakfast.

She doesn’t ask for much. This is all she wants. It’s just a snack for her as she would have eaten breakfast earlier.

This is Kampung Harvest’s unfertilised eggs which are laid by happy hens who get to live on at my friend, Ivan’s, farm, till the end of their natural lives.

If you buy kampung eggs, many of them, sadly, may be laid by hens who barely live past one year. They may be cage-free but will still be sent to slaughter the moment they are deemed no longer “profitable” to the farm.

In Ivan’s farm, his hens lay eggs until 6 years old, and live on until 8 years or more (which is their natural lifespan). They live happily, freely, cage-free, fear-free.

Kampung Harvest eggs: https://myanimalcare.org/2016/03/12/kampung-eggs-from-an-exclusive-girls-club-wildcrafted-and-bee-friendly-honey-from-farm-to-home/

I don’t splurge, but I will buy these cruelty-free eggs. They are unfertilised and are laid by happy hens who will never be slaughtered.

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