Sometimes….we meet an angel

Tonight, I received another surprise from the same applicant whom I had written about previously:

He only started claiming from us in October this year. And so far, he has only claimed for 10 dogs (yes, only RM1000, which is SUCH a small sum compared to so many other applicants).

He is a blue collar worker too. He has done more than 10 dogs in his colony, but for the rest, he paid with his own salary or some friends helped to sponsor.

Tonight, he banked in another donation to our Neutering Fund.

This is what he says:

He explains that since he started working at 18 years old, he had never worked on 1st January in any year, but he chose to work today, because the wages is tripled. And he did so only because he wanted to donate today’s wages to AnimalCare to help others. He has banked in the wages he earned today to our account.

I am completely speechless.

All I can say is, “Thank you so, so much, sir.” Your thoughtfulness and your kindness is beyond words.

Thank you for restoring my faith in the good in humankind.

This is for you, Sir. I hope Google Translate got it right!

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