Vincent in hiding and his subcut in 3 minutes flat!

Vincent has migrated to under our king-size bed now, and right smack in the middle too, so that I’m just short of about 2 inches from being able to hold his paw (to take him out).

Seeing how much he loves being under the bed, I’ve devised a new routine now so that he can be fed his medicine.

I know he will come down for breakfast, so once he comes down, we close the bedroom door. He cannot go back into the room after that, so after breakfast, I can feed him his medicine.

He fights now – he doesn’t want to take his medicine.

Then, right after that, the bedroom is open (for Vincent) so that he can go back under the bed and take his 6-7 hour long nap. I think this is his beauty sleep for the day. So, it’s more of a proper sleep than a “nap”. Being under the bed, he is totally relaxed, safe and no one can disturb him.

Then, he wakes up for lunch and comes down at about 3pm. He usually doesn’t go back into the bedroom after this, so the second round of meds can be given after dinner or whenever he is convenient.

But this afternoon, he outsmarted me.

He refused to come down for lunch. So lunch had to be served, under the bed.

I had a hard time getting him out for subcut later. We had to pull out the mattress in order to get him.

I found the FASTEST way to administer 250ml and I did it in 3 minutes flat today!!  Yes, 3 minutes only, believe it or not?


Use the 18G 1 inch needle (the short pink one). It’s not the long pink one (that one has a small hole). It’s the short pink one. Somehow this needle has a very big hole!

If I use the green needle, it takes up to 15 minutes to administer 250ml. Vincent gets very restless quickly these days. I’ve done using the short green and the long green. The short green takes a shorter time, so it must be all about the size of the hole. It looks like the short green and long green (both 21G in thickness) have a different hole size.

So, the short pink needle is heaven-sent. The only disadvantage is that it is a bit thicker than the green one. But Vincent was fine with it.

I’ve order a box of 100 needles from Shopee (RM22), but at Lazada, it’s only RM13 (I found out later!). Both inclusive of shipping charges.

The senior vet did tell me that if the hole is bigger, there is lesser damage to the cells (Pressure being Force/Surface Area), but the pricking may be painful because the needle is thicker. But it’s just one prick.

Vincent is fine with subcut. He just gets a bit restless if it takes too long. Of course, that’s understandable. Don’t we also get restless if we have to sit still for 15 minutes?

Sometimes Vincent eats at the landing.

I’ll have to trim his nails – he has reverted to scratching me again during medicine time. He seems to hate his meds again now.

Morning dose: 1/3 tab of Fortekor (he likes this), 1 cap of Azodyl (he hates this), 1ml of Kaminox (he also hates this).

Evening dose: 1 cap of Azodyl (hate), 1 ml of Kaminox (hate).

The Fortekor is to reduce proteinurea. The Azodyl is to reduce toxins like creatinine and BUN (for some animals, it does not work, though – we still don’t know if it work for Vincent). The Kaminox is a multivit and iron supplement to help him make blood in order to reduce anaemia.

Every alternate day, he has to take the antacid whose function is to reduce gastric problems and keep the mouth ulcers under control. He has mouth ulcers but they are not severe.

Before he migrated to under the bed, he didn’t mind his medicines.

Hopefully he will migrate out from under the bed and doesn’t mind his medicines again…soon!

3 comments to Vincent in hiding and his subcut in 3 minutes flat!

  • Your intention is kind and good…all cats hide when sick and unwell, it is just natural,
    Sorry that he has to be fed the medicine and i am sure he hates that.
    Eventually, sooner or later, nothing will work and he has to go.
    Sometimes, let things be and let the animal die in peace is a better natural ways.
    I handle and see so many of them die one by one, and I am still learning by mistake,
    No amount of high cost medical care or hospitalization can stop them from dying, they die
    Naturally in their own ways, stop eating and get weak, medicine sometimes prolong their suffering
    I think.
    That is my humble opinion. Like you, i love animals, and would make life happy for them as much as i could.
    Thank you.

    • CJ

      Your comment is as equal as saying no hope to those humans who needs kidney dialysis nor to those patients who needs special care which involves high medical care and hospitalization. Nothing will work for them.
      If they are your own family, will you just let things be and let them just lie down turn purple and die OR will you try to provide the best care for them, try anything that may alleviate their pain and help them live longer and be happy? If your child stop eating and get weak, will you let them be? Think before opine.

      • oh, sorry you are angry…if me or my family members fall sick, i would find a comfortable solution to cope with the problem. i wont opt for all kind of over stated medical intervention. I said everything out of my own sincerity and my own view and think of the cat. Hope u dont take it badly.

        It is not for me to discuss medicine with u here and i am not qualified to do so.
        I have firsthand research opinion to back up myview it is unfair to say i cant think.
        Many treatment of various diseases are now considered faked or out dated, it continue to
        bei in the main stream practice, because it is not easy to just change the whole structure of
        Medical care.

        Hope Buddha continue to bless and guide you,
        Good night, and thank you for your reply.