Oh, the subcut is already over?

We had a great day today!

First thing after breakfast, I took Vincent to the park. Did not bring my phone, so no photos were taken. He didn’t make any attempts to run.  Not at all.

Then, he hung out with Zurik.

Vincent no longer hides in the the middle of the bed. Now, he sits at the sides so that we can get him out easily, if there is a need to. In fact, when my husband tried to get him out this morning, Vincent actually moved closer to the side so that it’s easier for my husband to get him out. How considerate, right?

In the last two days when he was really hiding, we had to move the heavy mattress aside, so that we could get him out, but there is no need to do that now. He comes to the side.

I think under the bed just so happened to be his new nest. He’s always changing nests.

I think Vincent ate 5 times today. As always, the rest also gets a snack, especially Heidi, Ginger and Tabs.

Raw liver as a treat.

Vincent couldn’t believe that subcut was over so quickly, he continued lying there even after I had pulled out the needle!

The wonderful short pink needle!!!

So we chilled out in the room after that….just to enjoy some aircont!

Taking a nap!

By the time Vincent ate for the fifth time, Heidi was all poofed!

Heidi: I’m stuffed…I cannot eat anymore!

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