Oh no! Vincent escaped!!

This morning, Vincent tricked me!!

He came downstairs very happily but wasn’t quite interested in eating. He just wanted to go to Stargate2, so I let him. He wouldn’t budge from there.

Only Buddy was here. Zurik wasn’t here yet. I served Vincent at Stargate2 while the rest ate in the kitchen.  Vincent ate a fair amount then he indicated to me that he wanted to go out.

I thought he wanted to just meet Zurik and Buddy, which he does sometimes, so I let him out.

Oh no!!

The moment I opened Stargate2, Vincent slipped out and zoomed off towards the front gate. I knew he was too fast for me and I had not brought the gate remote control with me. I gave chase, but he was WAY too fast.

So, I dashed in to get the remote control and dashed out only to find him staring at me from the middle of the road. It’s a school day and unfortunately, there is a kindergarten nearby. Parents who bring their children are known to speed even though this is a housing estate and I have requested “Kurangkan laju” signages to be put up, but do they read? Of course the answer is a resounding “NO”. I requested road humps but the idea was shot down violently by the neighbours, so that was that.

Anyway, it wasn’t safe for Vincent to the out there for many reasons. I had to get him back, but he wasn’t going to make it easy for me.

So I casually strolled towards him as nonchalantly as I could. He also casually strolled further away until he went under a car. Oh no….now, that’s tough. He could go to the middle of the car and I’ll have no way of getting him out.

This was about 6am, I think. It was still dark.

So, I looked under the car and there he was. Just at the side – I could quite easily reach him, but we have to play it cool here. No sudden moves. No excitement. No anxiety.

Keep it casual.

Casual, casual, casual….cool, cool, cool.

I bent down and tried to reach him. Of course, he went a bit inner, now towards the middle of the car.

I had no choice, so I laid down flat on the grass, and reached out as far as I could and…..

YES!! I managed to touch his paw and grab it gently.

I pulled him out, carried him up and we stood there for sometime while I thanked the Universe for making it possible for me to retrieve Vincent from under the car. With Vincent in my arms, we stood for awhile to let him take in the morning air.

Then, he went back…casually.

Went back to the patio and let him go. He straight away went back to Stargate2 and asked to be let out again.

No, Vincent. Sorry, you cannot go out. It’s not safe for you.

So, he stayed there for sometime until much later when he finally came back to the kitchen to ask for a second breakfast.

What about me? I want to go out too.

I want a second breakfast too! How come only Vincent gets it?  

Vincent was particularly choosy this morning. He wanted different kinds of flavours.

Heidi eating her egg yolks.

Ginger and Tabs.

By afternoon, it was time for subcut. Ginger came in and wished he could have whatever Vincent has every day.

Ginger: I want to have that subcut too. Why can’t I have it? Why is it only for Vincent? 

Our own short pink needles arrived today!

The Lazada seller was SO kind. When she heard it was for my cat who needed it urgently, she expedited it so that it arrived today!!  As it turned out, she is also an animal lover and looks after street cats too. What a small world, right?

No, what a wonderful world!!

The wonderful short pink needles that enable subcut to be done in 3 minutes flat.

It was all over in a jiffy and Vincent didn’t believe it.

Vincent: Really?  Finished? 

Yes, let’s go, Vincent!

Another meal!

Ginger is having whatever Vincent is having!

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