Thank you, madam! (and hello, beautiful people!)

This made my day!

You know how we have been identifying applicants to be graduated? Thanks to the invaluable help of a friend who voluntarily offered to help me out, our exercise began last November and so far, quite a number of applicants have been graduated. Some of them have been applying to us for 5 years now!

As stated in our previous blogposts, we do not want to create a culture of dependency for anyone. It is unhealthy. Any self-respecting individual would also like very much to be independent and not have to depend on handouts all their lives, right?

As one of our blue-collar applicants said: How can anyone be poor all their lives? Surely you must do something to improve your livelihood and financial standing?  

This blue-collar applicant has already stopped applying after receiving RM1000 from us for 10 dogs.  Truly an exemplary self-respecting individual, I must say.  And oh, he has donated back to us as well. More than 50% too.

Yes, he is a blue-collar worker in a factory and is not highly schooled. But he has integrity and self-respect. Kudos to you, sir.

But today, I want to thank someone else.

This is an applicant who is a hawker, whom we have helped since 2014. She doesn’t apply regularly, but only when she has cats coming to the coffee shop where she works.

We explained to her yesterday that we can no longer keep helping anyone on a long term basis now. Let me cut and paste the short conversation here:


See this?

Now, THIS is something I personally value so, so much!

There is goodwill, courtesy and understanding (of our financial situation) and also, on her own, she has decided that she doesn’t need to depend on our help anymore.

It’s the goodwill and courtesy that I value most of all, so thank you so much, madam, for restoring my faith in humanity! I am so happy today!

And I am again, SO grateful that finally, we have a clause that we no longer tolerate people who are dishonest, insincere and rude. I used to tolerate rude people because I was thinking of the animals, but now, there are other organisations that these rude people can go to. AnimalCare isn’t the only one anymore, so I am so thankful that we have this clause now. We’ll just tell the dishonest, rude and insincere, “sorry, we cannot help you”. That’s all. No need to give any reason. Just go elsewhere, please. Far, far away…

Good and polite people….please come!

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