Indy’s story of the purple bed

If you remember, Cow and Bunny came into the room and pee-ed on these two cat beds (which used to be Pole’s favourites). I washed them many times, but a cat’s sense of smell is 40 times that of a human’s, so of course I could not get rid of the smell totally.

Pole stopped sleeping on the beds.  I took out the cushions and washed from repeatedly hoping to reduce the smell. But the bed itself was harder to wash.

The other day, Pole found a use for the purple bed. She started pushing it around and it became a game for her. Then, the bed turned upside down and she went under it and scuttled around the room like a fast-moving tortoise! That was fun.

Later, Indy found a use for the bed….

Simply, as a bed.

He loved the bed SO much, he didn’t even want to move out from it to eat. I had to bring the food to him. Look at that.

And he slept there for 16 hours straight.

Of course he went out to pee and poo, but he came back to the bed.

It’s been four days now. The bed is still in fashion.

Cleo is sleeping on the purple cushion I removed from the bed (to wash thoroughly).

“Waste not, want not”. 

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