Vincent’s updates

Some quick updates, Vincent is okay except that he is a bit choosy over food….again.  For a long time, he has been okay with food. Now, he has started being choosy again. 

See what I mean?

He flits from one type of food to the next, asks for another type, and another, then flits back to the first type (which is always Cubgrub), and it goes on, but finally, he eats a fair amount of food for each meal, so that is fine.

As for this meds, actually, the only medicine is Fortekor, the rest are just vitamins and nutrients. Azodyl is a probiotic while Kaminox is a multi-nutrient supplement, with iron which he needs to address the anaemia. I stopped Kaminox for a few days when he was not happy with the syringe in his mouth and the liquids. He doesn’t seem to agree with Azodyl so I’m trying Mercola’s probiotics in my own capsule.

The sad thing is that all our cats eat Mercola’s probiotics sprinkled into their food (yes, even Pole and Cleo, the most suspicious of all cats), except Vincent. Vincent just doesn’t like the taste. He would take wheatgrass powder but not Mercola’s probiotics.  Sigh….

And he needs that to help reduce the level of toxins in his system (due to the non-functioning kidneys).

If I were to sprinkle just a bit of Mercola’s probiotics into Vincent’s food, he will either walk away or avoid eating that bit that has the powder.  Sigh…

The only meds he takes willingly is Fortekor. So, that’s the one thing he gets daily. The rest, I will judge according to his mood.

But hydration is a must. This cannot be skipped.

Thanks to the super duper short pink needle, subcut is so much faster and easier now.

There…..he doesn’t even know it’s over!

If only subcut is all that Vincent needs, that would be so easy. But we will never know what he really needs. I dare not stop the Fortekor as that’s for proteinurea and we know for a fact that Vincent is losing protein.

But, one day at a time…..

I am thankful for each day.

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