When? Pray tell, when?

It’s being done in so many countries. Animal lovers know this is THE way. Organisations are actively doing it.

When? When? When are our authorities going to make the council by-laws more street animal-friendly and allow neutered (ear-notched) animals to live on? Is there any hope with this new government?

It is sometimes just so incredibly frustrating when animal lovers do so much to help street animals only to have a single selfish human-ignoramus make a complaint and the neutered and cared-for animals are then captured and destroyed.

Capture-and-kill is archaic, ineffective and cruel. By-laws can only be changed by law-makers, not us. Catchers are just doing their jobs (but what a horrible job, right?) because the by-laws are there. It’s just like we cannot blame ticket-writers for giving you a parking ticket even though the meter is spoilt – that’s their job (to issue the parking tickets like robots).

The by-laws are so street-animal unfriendly. Ultimately, it’s the same old story – we need a stronger voice so that the law-makers will listen, act and change these laws. Law-makers will only act if this is what the majority wants.

So, to these selfish human ignoramuses who think the world only belongs to humans and that they have the right to destroy other living beings, remember that karma bites back. You KNOW that it is wrong to instigate the destruction of another life. You know, but you just do it because the by-laws allow you to. But deep down, you KNOW.

Don’t you?

Meanwhile, we have to continue doing what we do and hope that the population of such the human-ignoramuses will decrease.

This is from HSI:

Our teams at Humane Society International work hands-on each day to care for animals in underserved communities across the globe. From the streets of Chile, Bolivia and Guyana to India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, the Philippines and so much more, we’re spaying and neutering free-roaming cats and dogs, vaccinating them and providing veterinary care, as we work to establish humane street dog management programs where communities live in harmony with animals instead of in conflict.

Here are some of our recent accomplishments that your support made possible:

We recently launched a unique initiative in India working with residential housing colonies to ensure peaceful coexistence between street dogs and people.Representatives of 52 resident welfare associations and societies from across the cities of Vadodara, Dehradun and Jamnagar have signed up to participate in our campaign and work with us to humanely manage street dogs in their areas as well as bring about more responsible pet ownership amongst its members.

In September, veterinarians from Humane Society International Latin America joined veterinary groups in an animal health fair that took place in an indigenous community in Costa Rica. We helped provide general health check-ups, vaccinations and sterilizations for nearly 200 dogs and cats. But our work didn’t stop there. With help from supporters like you, we spayed, neutered and vaccinated over 14,000 dogs and cats across Latin America and the Caribbean in 2018 alone.

Our work in the Philippines has seen us vaccinate more than 164,000 dogs in Cebu City and Quezon City as part of a citywide mass vaccination project over three years with these city governments with the aim of eliminating rabies. HSI developed state-of-the-art mobile phone applications to give us real-time data and monitor progress.

Finally, we made an agreement with the government of Mauritius Island to set up and staff a dedicated veterinary clinic to spay and neuter 10,000 street dogs.Prior to this agreement, the government had been sanctioning the killing of around 2,000 dogs every month, perceiving them as a ‘nuisance’ for tourists. Our spay/neuter facility and the mobile clinic is now up and running and will operate initially for one year so that we can demonstrate how a well-run humane program can reduce the dog population without killing, and be expanded to cover the entire island.

These are just some examples of HSI’s successful work to stop cruelty to street dogs and bring them better health and happiness, all because of dedicated animal lovers like you. We’ll keep you updated as we continue to protect these creatures all over the world. Thank you for supporting us.


Kitty Block
Humane Society International

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