New logo!

We tweaked the logo a wee bit…take a look!

See the ear-notches?!!

Can you see the new logo on this page? If you cannot, you might need to refresh the page a few times. In some cases, it may even take a few days. But we have already uploaded it.

This new logo augurs well for our new direction this year – to go back to the original intention of AnimalCare, ie. to help small-time feeders start their One-Street CNRM work.

With the increased number of applicants, especially new ones, it is realistic for AnimalCare to remain as a starter fund for these new applicants.

We do not have the resources to go on helping applicants on a long term anymore. To those who wish to go on a long term, we salute you and strongly suggest that you get like-minded friends, start a society of your own and fundraise on your own. It is a great feeling being independent, self-sustaining and not having to rely on anyone else but yourselves!

Neutering is one of the most compassionate ways to help street animals.
But in your fervour to get as many street animals neutered as you can, please do not forget the C=Care component. They need to be cared for too.

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