Neutering aid for 1 cat in Bandar Sungai Long (Chew Ghee Cheeng’s)

We have provided an aid of RM60 for the neutering of this cat.

Sometime last year i mentioned to you that I was trying to neuter a female cat in my carpark in Bandar Sungai Long but the vet was not prepared to do her surgery because she has chronic flu.  In mid Nov 2018, she had her third litter and again none survived.  I decided I had to do something to address the flu.  I wrote a petition to have my neighbours allow me to keep her outside my apartment – on the landing of the staircase next to my unit – and to my pleasant surprise they all agreed.  I bought her a cage, dewormed her, cleaned her ears, deflead her, trimmed her nails and then finally gave her a good wash.  This was on 6 Dec2018.  After a full month of flu treatment and a lot of TLC, her flu is finally under control and she had her neuter surgery today (4Jan2019).  I will keep her for another fortnight because the vet prescribed her another dose of antibiotics after they found some blood in her urine.  She still has a minor runny nose that should be treated by the time I release her.  Once she is given the all clear in two weeks’ time, I will release her back downstairs in the carpark where I will continue to feed her.  Her right ear is already tipped.

BTW, I named her Evil because when she first appeared in my apartment compound 2+ years ago, she was so emaciated that she had no strength to move away from me when I approached her.  I chanced upon her at another block when I was looking for another stray I was feeding.  I left her some food and I continued my search.  Day 2 and a repeat of the process.  Day 3 I found my stray and I forgot about her.  Two to three weeks later she suddenly appeared at my block where I feed the strays.  She bullied the other cats for their food, so I called her evil for scaring the other cats.  She wasn’t evil of course, just trying desperately to survive.  The name stuck and she is now my Evil princess.  She has since become one of my favourite strays, follows me like a dog and wont let me out of her sight.  She insists I need to stay by her side when she eats.

She was soon well enough to have babies but unfortunately none of her babies survived.  Three litters and I wasn’t about to let the fourth happen.  I have neutered all the cats in the carpark with the exception of Evil and another white boy who wont let me near him.  After today, all the girls are fixed and there wont be any more kittens in my carpark, fingers crossed.


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