“Stop that whining, Ginger!”, says Cleo

Ginger LOVES to whine. He whines for dim sum. He whines for attention. He whines for…anything.

The other day, Ginger came into Bunny’s Room and started whining all over the room.

After awhile, guess what happened?

Yes, it was me.

Cleo probably couldn’t stand the whining anymore. I was sure I could almost see her heaving a big sigh, then she angrily and forcefully walked towards Ginger, smacked him on the face and let out a little cry, which sounded like, “Stop it, you, stop whining!! Enough!!”

Ginger was so scared, he quickly asked to be let out!

Isn’t it safer out in the house, Ginger?
Why do you like to come into Bunny’s Room?
And WHY do you whine so much?


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