Vincent and Zurik’s news

The last two days had been a bit worrying for Vincent. It was on Friday that he started vomiting in the afternoon.

Right after that, he asked for food. Initially I did not know he had vomited. It was only later that I discovered the pile of vomit upstairs.

This kept repeating: Vomit + ask for food, for many, many times throughout the evening until at night.

I gave him the antacid but that did not help. Finally, I had no choice but to stop feeding him. But Vincent was obviously hungry and came to sit in the kitchen. That was quite heart-breaking. I told him I could not give him more food as his stomach has to settle first.

Instead, I did another 100ml subcut for him (just to take care of the added dehydration due to the vomiting).

The next day, I gave him the antacid at 6.00am, following by a little bit of food. For a change, I steamed sardines, but he wasn’t too interested in that.

Guess what he wanted? Raw liver.

Yes, his once-upon-a-time-raw liver!

By 12.30pm, he vomited a bit out, and sadly, the 4 of the 5 tiny granules of the antacid came out in the vomit, blackened. This made me really worried. It looked like he was not able to digest food anymore.

I gave him a small meal after that, but he wanted raw liver, so raw liver it is.

Fortunately, after that 12.30pm vomiting, there was no more incidence of vomiting.

Through it all, perhaps the only consolation was that Vincent was his normal active and alert self.

This morning, we had breakfast and Vincent ate quite a bit again, including his raw liver.

All is well as of now. I really hope the vomiting issue has been addressed.

Eating his favourite raw liver!

Of course Ginger wants “everything” that Vincent gets.

The only thing he cannot get is the subcut, and he’s very jealous about it.


Zurik’s mange has improved quite a bit.

Tabs wants to be friends with Buddy!

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