Blanket No. 209: A doggie blankie (fundraising)!

We would like to thank Ms Wong Puei Ee for ordering this custom-designed doggie blanket for her 5 dogs (who sometimes share a bed)!

Thank you so much, Puie Ee, for your kind donation of RM300 to our Fund!!

This is the completed blanket, sewn to a special size for the doggie bed!

I sewed the pinwheel design and backing.

But I did not embroider these, for sure!  Got them professionally done (sponsored by Vincent) at the shop. These are the names of all the 5 lucky doggies, in the respective colours of their collars.

Sewn on top, at the centre of the blanket, as requested by Puei Ee.

The backing cloth is soft cotton, contributed by Ms Ooi, quite sometime ago.

Thank you, everyone!

P.S. We are still taking blanket orders, if anyone is interested!  But after Chinese New Year, of course.

4 comments to Blanket No. 209: A doggie blankie (fundraising)!

  • Navi

    What is the contribution for 1 blanket? As I need to order for 7 of my kids..

    • chankahyein

      Hi Mr Navi,

      Thank you so much for your interest! Normally, as this is purely for donation, it is RM175 per blanket, but do let me know the size of your blanket first. This price includes shipping by Poslaju.

      We will also do a convenient patchwork design, but you may choose your colour theme and we will try our best to accommodate if we have the fabric.

      Thank you. I have also replied by email.

  • Jasmine

    Hello. If i were to make one king size one, how much would it be? Its for 5 of our furkids plus their 2 hoomans..^^