Vincent’s kitchen portraits

It’s not so easy to take Vincent’s portraits as he is always on the move, but I managed to take these yesterday!

Me too! Me, me, me!! Don’t forget me!!

Eating is back to normal now. Strangely, Vincent is not vomiting food, but water. So I’ve consulted the vet and we are reducing the subcut to 220ml now. Maybe there is an excess of fluids.


Indy has this “new” way of getting attention – he lies next to my mouse so that I cannot move it, and thus, I have to keep pushing him away.  He seems to like this!  Being pushed away? Yes. And he keeps coming back, so that I can push him again.

Indy is slightly….weird!

But…he WILL take a bullet for me. That, he will. Indy is a dog.

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