Vincent’s meals

I met two vets a few days ago and both were interested in nutrition, so I sought their opinion on what Vincent should or should not eat. One of them said to go for chicken, fish and pork and to avoid red meats like beef and lamb because the latter meats give rise to more “residue” and causes the rise in the creatinine and urea levels.

So, yes, Vincent mostly eats chicken and fish. But there is a Monge flavour that he also likes, which is the Tuna, Chicken and Beef (but I think it’s only streaks of beef).

The above is just a sharing. Please consult your vet for professional advice if your pet has a similar ailment.

Nowadays, Vincent eats canned food (Monge and Cindy) and raw food (Cubgrub and Primal). Cubgrub is his staple diet. He also gets his raw liver and hearts (for iron). I am still trying to add Mercola’s probiotics into his food whenever I get the chance. Sometimes, I’m lucky. But sometimes, he just walks away. My purpose of adding the probiotics is to help reduce the creatinine and urea levels.

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